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Finance Claims

At Finance Claims we have been successfully processing PPI Claims in Ireland since 2010. We were the first company in Ireland to offer a No Win No Fee PPI Refund service and since 2010 we have been fighting on behalf of consumers nationwide. We have used our risk free service and expertise to reclaim tens of thousands of Euros in compensation for our clients against multiple banks and financial institutions in Ireland. Since then we have expanded our services and can now assist clients with No Win No Fee services for dealing with mis-sold Spanish Timeshare Contracts and Property Claim.

PPI Claims

When you contact Finance Claims our PPI team will give you a free no obligation review of your case. If we discover that you have been Mis Sold PPI we will take on your case with no upfront costs or charges and process your claim from start to finish using our no win no fee service. We will fight your case using our industry expertise and we always look for a maximum settlement which includes a full refund of all ppi premiums and relevant interest charges if applicable. Why not contact us today for a FREE No Obligation Review of your case?

You could be due thousands in PPI Claims compensation without even knowing it! Payment Protection Insurance or PPI as it is more commonly known is an insurance policy sold alongside loans, credit cards and Mortgages. In theory PPI is designed to protect borrowers if they become unable to meet repayments as a result of accident, sickness or redundancy. The Problem with PPI is that it has been sold to consumers who did not need, want or would benefit from it.

Spanish Timeshare Compensation

Do you have a Spanish Timeshare?? If so you might be eligible to legally cancel your contract and reclaim all payments made towards your Spanish Timeshare Resort. A Spanish Supreme Court Ruling in 2015 has deemed Timeshare contracts entered into after the 5th of January 1999 as illegal and unenforceable which means that they can be legally cancelled. This landmark ruling now gives Spanish Timeshare owners affected by this scandal the ability to legally terminate their contracts and reclaim all payments made to their resorts.

Below are just a number of Timeshare Resorts we can claim against:

Anfi Resorts Timeshare Claims

Club La Costa Resorts Timeshare Claims

Diamond Resorts Timeshare Claims

Palm Oasis Resorts Timeshare Claims

Elite Club Resorts Timeshare Claims

Marriott Resorts Timeshare Claims

Silverpoint Resorts Timeshare Claims

If you have a Spanish Timeshare with any of the resorts above or others you could be entitled to legally cancel your contract and claim thousands of euros in compensation.

Can you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Did you buy, trade or upgrade a timeshare, points or fractional contract since 1999?
  • Did you make payments during the cooling off period or within the first 3 months?
  • Does your contract run in perpetuity, for an unspecified time or for 50+ years?
  • Does your contract include unfair terms, conditions or clauses?


Spanish Off-Plan Property Deposit Claims

Did you lose money after purchasing Off-Plan Properties in Spain? If so we could help you reclaim any lost deposits plus the interest charges. We provide consumers with a no win no fee service for processing off-plan property deposit claims in Spain which includes no upfront costs or charges. As a result of a recent landmark legal ruling consumers who lost property deposits with Spanish developers can now look to reclaim their losses from the financial institution where their money was held.

We work with clients across Europe and provide a no win no fee service for claiming compensation for Spanish Off-Plan Property Deposit Claims. We work directly with specialist Spanish property solicitors who have won hundreds of claims against against dozens of property companies. To find out if we can help you reclaim your lost off-plan property deposits plus all relevant interest charges please contact us a for a free no obligation review.

No Win No Fee

If you are searching for a No Win No Fee Service for PPI Claims in Ireland,  Spanish Timeshare Claims or Off-Plan Property Deposit Claims you have come to the right place. We have been offering a No Win No Fee service since our launch in 2010 and were the first company in Ireland to do so. Unlike many companies we do not charge our clients any upfront fees and only receive payment i the event we are successful with our services.

Whether you are looking to claim timeshare compensation, cancel your timeshare contract or reclaim Off-Plan Property Deposits in Spain contact us for a free no obligation review. If you have a valid claim we can manage your case from start to finish using our industry expertise and our proven No Win No Fee service. To find out more contact our office on Lo-Call 0818 301 302 or request a call back on our website to start your claim now.  You could be entitled to legally cancel your timeshare contract, claim compensation from your timeshare resort or claim compensation from your lender for being Mis-Sold PPI.

  • Free No Obligation Review
  • 100% No Win No Fee
  • No Upfront Costs or Charges
  • Dedicated Case Handler
  • Specialist Claims Teams
  • We Seek a Refund of All Premiums & Interest Charges


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You May be Entitled to Compensation if…

  • Your Spanish Timeshare Contract includes unfair terms & conditions
  • You made payments within 3 months of signing your Timeshare Contract
  • Your Timeshare Agreement runs for an unspecified time (in perpetuity)
  • You were told PPI was compulsory
  • You were sold PPI when self-employed
  • You found out you paid PPI without requesting it

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