Who are Finance Claims?

Finance Claims is a specialist Claims Management Company set up enforce consumers’ rights and seek compensation for Mis Sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) in the Republic of Ireland. Consumers are protected by law in various acts and regulations such as the Consumer Protection Code which requires lenders to offer contracts and insurance policies in good faith and with clear and balanced terms and conditions. If a lender does not comply with these legal requirements mis-selling has occurred and that is where we can help you.

Finance Claims was formed to offer consumers a platform through which they can claim compensation for Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance with ease. When you deal with Finance Claims you are dealing with dedicated professionals with years of experience within the claims management sector. Our team of dedicated advisors will assist you with your PPI Claims from start to finish and will always provide you with regular updates throughout the claims process. We are here to assist you and not your lender.

When you contact our office with an enquiry we will explain our review and claims process in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. We will not bog you down with financial jargon and legal terminology which will only complicate these issues further. We provide honest, professional and to the point information. If we believe you have grounds to make a claim for mis sold PPI we will send you our claims pack to sign and return to our office. From this point onwards we will take full control of your claim and deal directly with your lender on your behalf. We will keep you informed of our progress when dealing with your claim throughout the key areas and will only accept settlement figures which include a full and maximum refund of your ppi premiums plus interest charges.

We have been processing PPI Claims  since 2010 and we have reclaimed tens of thousands of Euros for our clients.

6 Good reasons to process PPI Claims through Finance Claims

1.  Specialist Sales Advisors

Our sales advisor’s are highly trained and can identity areas of mis-selling within seconds of evaluating your case. Once they have identified the main areas of mis-selling they will talk you through our claims process so that you know exactly what we are going to do for you. Once this is done they will send you a pre populated claims pack by post and all you have to do is sign, date and return this to our office to get your claim started. are trained and specialists in the area of PPI Claims. Our PPI sales advisors have been evaluating Mis Sold PPI for years and they will have the necessary experience and expertise to maximise the chances of you processing a successful PPI Claim.

2. Experienced Claims Handlers

In addition to offering our clients a dedicated sales team for the initial evaluation and case review we offer all our clients a personal claims handler. This handler will begin communication with you and your lender once you have returned your signed claims pack. Our handlers have been successfully processing PPI Claims for a number of which has seen tens of thousands of in compensation being awarded for Mis Sold PPI. Dealing with a lender in respect of PPI Claims can be a difficult task. As you can appreciate lenders will not like to admit liability for mis-selling PPI and therefore the argument and case that goes with your application needs to be water tight. Our PPI Claims handlers are extremely experienced in dealing with all variety of ppi complaints and will know how to best process your claim and deal with any rejections which may come from your lender. Using this expertise adds value to your claim and your lender will know that they are dealing with a professional company committed to obtaining compensation.

By using our services instead of other claims management companies, or indeed by tackling the claim on your own, you will have access to this specialist knowledge, which would otherwise not be available to you. Remember that knowledge is king when doing battle with these large institutions! We know that some banks in particular will try to avoid paying any compensation and, even once they agree to compensate, they may then try to pay reduced offers, which many unsuspecting people do not realise is much less than what they are due.

Although each case is different, we confidently believe that our expertise and knowledge will give many people a greater chance of not only winning compensation but also ensuring that you get the maximum amount due. Indeed, our experience over the years of helping people with their PPI Claims has shown that many offers can be increased once challenged in the right way. Any increased offer can often more than cover our fees, so in some cases going it alone, although a free option for you may end up being a false economy.

In a nutshell, our knowledge enables us to:

A. Identify all the areas of mis-selling in the advice/policy you received in respect of the PPI

B. Construct a strong case for you

C. strongly challenge these institutions with confidence

D. avoid the pitfalls and to recognise when these companies are simply playing hard ball

E. use various avenues to get the compensation

F. check any offer, including any calculations, to ensure the offer is reasonable

3. No Upfront Costs or Charges

When you process a PPI Claim with our office we will not charge you a single cent in upfront costs or charges. Although some may argue we offer a premium service which warrants an upfront fee we decided to let our work do the talking. We are so confident in our ability to deal with your claims we are willing to take them on and process them from start to finish without asking you for a single cent. This gives our clients security and the ability to use a professional organisation without having to pay any upfront costs.

4. No Win No Fee

Finance Claims was the first company in Ireland to offer a No Win No Fee PPI Claims service. Since 2010 we have offered our clients a No Win No Fee service for processing PPI Claims.  Although we offer a premium service we wanted to convey our confidence in being able to successfully reclaim mis-sold payment protection insurance whilst also offering clients a risk free service. We understand that our clients have already spent considerable amounts of money on Mis-Sold PPI and we did not want to further burden them with hidden costs or charges. If we win your claim we get a fee. If your claim is unsuccessful for any reason you will not be charged a cent. Our service really is 100% No Win No Fee.

5. Efficient and Personal Claims Service

We are not a large company, so we will treat you as an individual rather than as a number and will be able to give you a qualified personal service. Once we have started your claim and received your signed and completed claims pack you will be appointed a Personal Claims Handler. This agent will be your point of contact for all queries you may have and they will keep you up to date throughout each stage of the claims process. You can email your handler at any time to check on the status of your claim and they will always look to respond to your queries within 48 hours. In addition to offering this personal service clients of our office will also be able to check the status of their claim using our Online Claims Tracker. This portal has been set up so that you can view the progress of your claim 241/7 365 without the need to contact our office. We appreciate that you may be busy so this allows you to view your claims progress at a time that is convenient for you.

6. We Fight for You

Unlike mediators who will evaluate both side of an argument we are 100% on your side. You are our client and we will put all of our resources and expertise behind your claim to ensure it has the best possible chance of success. Once we take on your case we will fight your lender from start to finish so that we can successfully reclaim your compensation. If your lender refuses to accept liability we will not stop there. Our service also includes us processing your claim through the office of the Financial Ombudsman. The Ombudsman has the ability to instruct a lender to issue compensation to a consumer if they believe the PPI Policy was mis-sold to them. If this scenario occurs our claims handlers will put the best possible case forward on your behalf to ensure the full areas of mis-selling are highlighted to the Financial Ombudsman. We are here to fight for you and NOT your lender.


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About Finance Claims

We are a dedicated claims management company specialising in financial mis-selling within the Irish Financial Services Sector. Our aim is to provide a solution and service to the thousands of consumers who believe they have been mis-sold or misinformed when obtaining financial products or services.