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Are you a customer of GE Money? If so you may be owed thousands of Euros in compensation. GE Money are under investigation for mis-selling payment protection insurance (PPI) to their customers in Ireland. PPI is an insurance policy sold alongside Credit Cards, Loans and Mortgages. It is designed to protect consumers if they become unable to meet repayment terms due to accident, sickness or redundancy. PPI in Ireland however has been sold to consumers who did not need, want or would benefit from these policies. If you are paying ppi to GE Money you might be paying for as policy that will never cover you! As a result of this lenders such as GE Money have been ordered by the Central Bank to review all ppi policies sold since 2007 tpo uncover how many policies they have mis sold to customers.

Once this review is complete it is expected that GE Money will be forced to refund all mis sold ppi premiums to clients along with relevant interest charges. If you are paying PPI with GE Money you may have been ripped off and you could be entitled to thousands in compensation. GE Money along with other lenders in Ireland sold PPI to customers without the correct review processes in place. They were driven by commissions for selling these policies and therefore sold ppi to consumers who were ineligible to use it and to those who did not want it. If you are paying PPI you may be entitled to GE Money PPI Claims compensation.

Do you have GE Money PPI Claims?

Can you answer yes to any of the following statements?

  • Were you sold PPI by GE Money whilst self employed?
  • Were you sold PPI by GE Money whilst unemployed?
  • Were you sold PPI by GE Money whilst working part time or on contract?
  • Did GE Money fail to advise you on the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy?
  • Did GE Money pressurise you into taking PPI?
  • Did GE Money fail tot tell you that pre existing medical conditions would not be covered?
  • Did GE Money sell you PPI without explaining the costs and charges?
  • Did you discover you were paying PPI to GE Money without requesting it?
  • Did GE Money reject your claim despite being told you would be covered?

If you have answered yes to any of the above you could be entitled to thousands in compensation.. Contact us now on Lo-Call 0818 301 302 or request a call back to get a free no obligation review! Our average refund is €3500!


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