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Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels is one of the largest and most recognised timeshare resorts within the Spanish timeshare industry. Club La Costa was founded in 1984 and the first resort Las Farolas was located in the popular tourist destination of Costa del Sol.  Since than Club la Costa has steadily increased their timeshare property portfolio throughout Spain and Europe.

Since their beginnings Club La Costa has grown significantly in size and currently have thousands of timeshare contracts and properties in Spain. As a result of their market size they have been heavility implicated in the timeshare mis-selling scandal which has rocked the timeshare industry since the introduction of Directive 42/98. This ground breaking ruling from the Spanish Supreme Court deemed that any timeshare contract entered into after the 5th January 1999 could be illegal, unenforceable and legally cancelled. As a result thousands of Club La Costa Resorts timeshare owners can now look to legally cancel their timeshare contracts and claim compensation from their timeshare resorts.

Since this ruling Club la Costa have been brought to court by multiple timeshare owners who claimed they were mis-sold their timeshare contract. A recent example in the magistrate at the Fuengirola First Instance Court N4 ordered Club La Costa to refund timeshare owners maintenance fee plus legal costs as they had been sold a contract in perpetuity which was declared null and void by the magistrate. This is just one example of timeshare owners successfully taking on Club La Costa through the Spanish courts and winning.

If you’re a member of Club La Costa and ought, traded or upgraded a timeshare contract, points, weeks or floating contract since the 5th of January 1999 you could be entitled to legally cancel your timeshare contract and claim compensation from your timeshare resort.

Did you make payments to Club La Costa Resorts within the cooling off period (14 days-3 months)?                                   

All consumer contracts have a cooling off period 14 days being the minimum amount of time. If you made any payments within this time you contract is voidable.

Were you sold a Floating week timeshare contract by Club La Costa Resorts?                                                                                                            

Many people opt for this type of timeshares as it appears to offer flexibility for holiday dates, but instead, it results in a battle between owners of the same timeshare property and in many instances, members do not end up booking any dates at all. Even your holiday is not guaranteed as per the contract owner are still obligate to pay maintenance fees. This seems terribly unfair, and the Spanish Supreme Court also agrees and has ruled this type of contracts illegal.

Were you sold timeshare points by Club La Costa Resorts?                                                                                                                     

Much like the floating week contract timeshare points are also illegal as there is no guarantee of availability of accommodation

Does your timeshare contract from Club La Costa Resorts run in perpetuity or for longer than 50 years?                         

An in perpetuity contract is one where the contract term exceeds fifty years, which is the maximum legal limit. If no end date is specified in your contract, or the date is over fifty years since the date you signed, this a straight forward way to claim for compensation and cancel your contract.

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then you could have a valid timeshare claim against Club La Costa. To find out if you can legally cancel your Club La Costa timeshare contract and claim compensation from your timeshare company please contact us for a free no obligation review. Our specialist timeshare solicitors have won hundreds of claims against multiple timeshare resorts like Club La Costa. You could be entitled to legally cancel your contract and reclaim all payments made to your timeshare company.

Do you have a timeshare contract with any of the Club La Costa Resorts below?

  • Club La Costa Benal Beach
  • Club La Costa Castillo del Rey Signature
  • Club La Costa Castillo del Rey
  • Club La Costa Las Farolas Royale
  • Club La Costa Marina del Rey
  • Club La Costa Marina del Sol
  • Club La Costa Marina Park
  • Club La Costa Monterey
  • Club La Costa Monterey Royale
  • Club La Costa Monterey Royale Signature
  • Club La Costa Paradise
  • Club La Costa Oliva Beach Club
  • Club La Costa Sierra Marina
  • Club La Costa World San Diego Suites
  • Club La Costa World San Diego Suites Signature
  • Club La Costa Sunningdale Village
  • Club La Costa Sunningdale Village Signature

If so you could be entitled to legally cancel your Club La Costa timeshare contract and claim thousands in compensation .

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