Credit Card Payment Protection

Credit Card Payment Protection is an insurance policy designed to cover your credit card repayments in the event of accident, sickness, redundancy and/or death. Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance is usually sold when you secure your credit card but should only be issued once strict selling guidelines have been followed. These include ensuring you are eligible, you are fully aware that it is optional and onlt once the full costs, terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy have been explained to you in detail. If you are paying Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance and your lender did not meet these requirements you could be eligible to process a no win no fee Credit Card PPI Claims and reclaim thousands in compensation.

Credit Card Payment Protection Costs

Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance is usually extremely expensive as the amount you spend on this policy is calculated as a percentage of your monthly balance. If you have Credit Card PPI and you usually have a balance on your card each and every month the payments you are making towards the PPI policy may be astronomical.An average PPI Credit Card charge is usually around €40 each and every month but in lots of cases the repayments are much higher than this.  If you use your credit card regularly and for large transactions you could be paying hundreds in PPI Credit Card charges each and every month. Credit Cards can quickly become a source of stress and strain to consumers who usually only look to make minimum repayments each month. Levels of debt can soon spiral out of control and along with them the PPI Credit Card charges. Consumers who make minimum payments off their credit card balances will usually think that they are repaying the credit card debt but a large percentage of what they repay goes against the PPI Credit Card charges. When you consider that you did not need to take this Credit Card Payment Protection in the first place and that you may not ever be able to claim on the policy you may be paying for something that is completely useless. Thousands of consumers across Ireland have recently discovered this and are now processing Credit Card PPI Claims.

PPI Credit Card Claims

Due to the nature of PPI Credit Card charges any claims made against them on the basis that they were mis sold can see a consumer reclaim thousands of Euros in compensation. One particular lady in the UK who made looked to Reclaim Credit Card PPI was refunded a staggering £140,000 in mis sold premiums & interest charges on 2 credit cards. This particular lady was a regular user of her credit cards for more than 10 years and therefore had spent tens of thousands of pounds in PPI. When her Credit Card PPI Claims were settled so had spent claims made against the policy stating that they have been mis sold can be extremely high

Lenders who sell Credit Card Payment Protection Insurance must abide by the regulations of the Consumer Protection Code. This was  designed to protect consumers and to ensure that they were adequately covered by law when entering into financial and insurance contracts. If your lender failed to abide by these regulations when selling you Credit Card Payment Protection you could be eligible to Reclaim Credit Card PPI to the tune of thousands of Euros.

Can I reclaim Credit Card PPI?

You could be eligible to Reclaim Credit Card PPI if you can answer yes to any of the following:-

  • Were you self employed when sold Credit Card Payment Protection?
  • Did your lender pressurise you into taking PPI?
  • Were you told that Credit Card Insurance was compulsory?
  • Were you working part time or on contract when sold PPI insurance on your credit card?
  • Did your lender fail to explain the terms, conditions and exclusions of the credit card ppi?
  • Did your lender fail to advise you on the costs of the Credit Card Protection Insurance?
  • Did you discover you were paying PPI Credit Card charges without ever requesting it?
  • Were you unemployed when paying PPI Credit Card Insurance?
  • Did your lender fail to advise you pre existing medical conditions wouldn’t be covered?
  • Were you under 18 or over 65 when paying Credit Card PPI Insurance?

If you have answered yes to the above you have Credit Card PPI Claims. Contact us now for a free review!

Our Credit Card PPI Claims Service?

  • No Win No Fee
  • Free No Obligation Review
  • No Upfront Costs or Charges
  • Average Refund €3500
  • No Cost for Unsuccessful Claims
  • Personal Claims Handler
  • Online Claims Tracker Access (24/7)
  • Dedicated Call Centre & Processing Teams

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