What happens when I contact you?

When you contact us we will offer you an initial NO COST, NO OBLIGATION REVIEW of your situation. Once we have a clearer understanding of your case we will then be in a position to advise you accordingly.

What happens in the initial review?

In the initial review we will review your case to determine if you have been Mis Sold PPI.  Our advisors will ask you about your PPI policy, how it was sold to you and what your lender discussed with you at the point of sale. During this initial review we will be able to gauge a better understanding of your case and how we can potentially help you.

What happens if I was Mis Sold PPI?

Once we have completed the initial review we will be able to determine if you were Mis Sold PPI. If you were we will take details of your PPI policies and send you our claims pack with a pre paid return envelope which you need to sign, date and return to our office.  Once we receive your signed claims pack we will then take on your case and seek a full ppi refund from your lender including all relevant interest charges.

Is there a charge for this service?

Finance Claims was the 1st  company in Ireland to offer a No Win No Fee PPI Claims service which includes:

A Free No Obligation Review

A No Win No Fee PPI Refund Service

No Upfront Costs or Charges

No Cost for Unsuccessful Claims

Our service has been designed to give our customers a risk free service with no upfront outlays. We are so confident in our ability to assist you and reclaim your ppi charges that we will do so without requesting any upfront fees and on a 100% No Win No Fee service.

What is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI as it is more commonly known is an insurance policy. It is sold alongside forms of credit such as Loans, Credit Cards and Mortgages and is designed to protect consumers if they become unable to meet repayment terms as a result of accident, sickness or redundancy. In theory PPI sounds fantastic but in most cases it was sold by lenders to customers who did not need, want or would benefit from this costly insurance product. If you are paying for PPI you did not need to take this insurance and you may be paying for a policy that will never cover you when you need it most.



What is Credit Card PPI?

Credit Card PPI is basically PPI that has been sold alongside a credit card. Unlike other forms of PPI which have a standard monthly cost PPI on Credit Cards is calculated as a percentage of your monthly spend/balance. If you regularly use your credit card or leave a balance outstanding every month your repayments to your lender will include excessive charges for PPI which you may not need or want.

Some customers with  credit card PPI are unaware that the monthly repayment they make to their lender is not all going against their balance and a large percentage actually goes towards paying this costly insurance policy. Credit Card PPI can often lead to massive PPI Refunds and in the UK reports confirmed this when one man received a staggering refund of £82,000 for Mis Sold PPI on his credit card.

Can I process more than 1 claim?

When you contact us we will not only review the PPI claim that you are querying but also any others which you may not be aware of. PPI is often built into credit agreements and other forms of credit which you may be unaware of. Our trained advisors will use their expertise to review all potentials claims which you may have at no cost or obligation. If we discover multiple ppi claims we will process all claims for you on our no win no fee service with no upfront costs or charges.

Do I get a disocunt for processing multiple claims?

Our service is designed to ensure our clients get the best possible result. In order for us to do this we process each claim individually and on its own merits. Each claim is different but will always require to the same level of service, expertise and understanding. This is why our service charge remains the same regardless of how many claims you process.

Am I guaranteed success?

It is impossible for us to guarantee success in any kind of claim. However, we will not take on any case which we believe does not have a strong chance of success. Once we take on your case we will process your claim from start to finish and will seek a maximum refund which includes all ppi premiums and interest charges. If your lender does not uphold your claim we will also process your application through the Office of the Financial Ombudsman as part of our service.

How long will my claim take?

Unfortunately this is something which is almost impossible for us to predict. Some claims have settled in as little as 4 weeks and some cases have gone on for considerably longer. Each case will differ on it’s own merit and other factors will contribute to the length of time the process will take such as how fast and co-operative financial institutions will be in communicating with our office. As a company which operates on a no win no fee basis you can rest assured that we will always do everything in our power to bring your claim to a successful resolution as quickly as possible.



Are there alternatives to using the services of Finance Claims?

Yes there are services offered by the Financial Ombudsman and other institutions when seeking financial redress. What you need to consider when using the Financial Ombudsman is that they will act as mediators and will be representing both your lender and you. When you deal with Finance Claims we act only for you and will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. We represent you and not your lender!

Can I claim myself?

Yes you can process your own claim however lots of people prefer their claims to be managed by a dedicated professional company with key financial and ppi claims expertise. If you are considering running your own ppi claim you need to understand that in most cases your lender will not wish to admit liability and refund your premiums. By committing to deal with your own claim you will be responsible for the entire claims process which will involve extensive claims communication. When dealing with us you simply need to sign and return our pack and we will then deal with everything else on your behalf. Click here to find out about our PPI Process.


Why should I use Finance Claims? What are the benefits?

We have already reclaimed tens of thousands of Euros for our clients. We have done this using our extensive claims experience and dedication to providing our customers with an exceptional service. For a full list of our benefits please below.

Ireland 1st No Win No Fee PPI Claims Company

Free No Obligation Review

No Upfront Costs or Charges

Personal Claims Handler

Access to our Online Claims Tracker

No Cost for Unsuccessful Claims

Trading Since 2010

100% Irish Owned

Dedicated Call Centre & Claims Processing Teams

Will I get all my PPI premiums back?

When you appoint us to deal with your claim we will always look for a maximum ppi settlement. This will include a refund of all ppi premiums paid & relevant interest charges. Reclaiming interest charges is an extremely important element of our claims process as the interest can often amount to more than what you have paid in ppi premiums.



Do you keep me up to date during the process of my claim?

When you process a claim with our office you will be appointed with a personal claims handler. This is your point of contact in relation to your claim. Your handler will keep you fully updated throughout the claims process and will notify you of major developments in your case.

When looking for an update on your case outside of office hours you will have unlimited access to our claims tracker. This portal will allow you to enter your unique case reference number and get a full and up to date report on your claims process.



Should I claim?

Why would you let your lender keep onto money which is rightfully yours? If you have been mis-sold PPI your lender has sold you a policy which you did not need, want or would benefit from. Therefore you have been ripped off!  We would always encourage consumers who have been affected by PPI Mis-Selling to reclaim the money which is owed to them.

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