Flights Compensation

Have you ever been affected by Flight Delays? Flight Cancellations? Or been Denied Boarding by your Airline? If so you could be eligible to claim up to €600 in compensation as a result of a European Supreme Court ruling. Below we discuss the various the flight delay claims industry and the rights which passengers have for claiming flights compensation.

Flight Delays

Under EU261/2004 consumers that experienced Flight Delays of 3 hours or more travelling to or from an EU country are eligible to claim compensation ranging from €250 – €600 per passenger. The amount of compensation that a passenger is entitled to varies depending on the length of the delay and the distance they were travelling. Compensation amounts for Flight Compensation claims can be further increased if expenses which passengers are legally entitled to for food, beverages and accommodation in certain circumstances are not provided by the airlines. To find out if you are eligible for flight delay claims get a free no obligation review now.

Flight Cancellations

Passengers are entitled to EU Flight Delay Compensation for not only Flight Delays but also Flight Cancellations. If your flight was suddenly been cancelled by your airline and you were not given adequate notice (up to 14 days) you can also pursue compensation for your Cancelled Flights. The level of compensation for these types of claims will vary depending on the circumstances and the amount of notice you were given by your airline provided there were no extraordinary circumstances such as war or terrorism. If you’ve suffered from Flight Cancellations and were not given adequate notice you could be eligible to claim up to €600 per passenger. When you consider many bookings have multiple passengers especially when it comes to family or group bookings the level of compensation for Flight cancellations can easily exceed thousands of Euros.

Airline Overbookings

The travel industry is swamped with thousands of airline carriers, agents and websites promoting all kinds of airline travel. With so many companies promoting cheap flights and cheap holidays the unfortunate situation of airline overbooking does occur. This is an inconvenience for airlines but a major inconvenience for passengers that will have plans and arrangements that are severely affected by such issues. In circumstances where an overbooking has occurred that was not caused by the passenger they can also seek compensation under EU Flight Delay Compensation regulation. If overbookings occur the airline is legally obligated to source an alternative flight for a passenger in the shortest possible timeframe as well as offer expenses for food, beverages and travel if the issue occurs overnight. What most passengers will not know however is that they can also claim compensation of up to €600 for overbookings which were caused by the airlines.

Denied Boarding

Denies Boarding incidents caused by airlines are also governed by the same EU regulations. If you were unfairly denied boarding by your airline and missed your flight, connecting flights and experienced delays you could also be eligible to flight compensation. If you met all of the airlines requirements by arriving at the correct times, with the correct documentation and offered no valid reason to be denied boarding you could be eligible to claim up to €600 per passenger.

Flights Compensation

For any passengers affected by any of the issues discussed in this article we are pleased to announce a No Win No Fee Service which is handled by Flights Compensation. They offer a dedicated flight claims reclaim service with No Upfront Costs or Charges which is backed by specialist solicitors for pursuing airlines in the courts if required. They have a team of dedicated claims handlers with offices in Dublin and Liverpool for processing claims against over 100 Airlines via a hassle and stress free process.

From first contact your enquiry will be assessed by a dedicated claims handler committed to getting the maximum amount of compensation you are legally entitled to. Your claim will be verified in minutes using advanced flight data systems and the claims process will begin once you have signed the sign up pack which will be submitted to you electronically by email. From start to finish they will handle all communications with your Airline and they will even take them to court if required as part of their service. The entire process of Flights Compensation is designed to simplify your life and provide a professional stress free process.

To learn more about Flights Compensation or to receive a Free No Obligation Review Please request a call back by completing the contact form below.

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