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PPI Ireland is an extremely popular search term right now. In recent weeks lenders in Ireland have been forced to write out to thousands of customers who have been ripped and mis sold ppi. As a result of this the PPI Ireland scandal has been well documented in news articles, radio shows and tv broadcasts.  This has led to hundreds of consumers searching online for PPI Ireland in a bid to obtain information and resources on this scandal and whether they have been affected. If you have searched online for PPI Ireland and have come across this page you may one such person.


PPI in Ireland

PPI in Ireland is big business for the banks and lenders. They are rewarded handsomely with commissions in the millions for selling these policies to their customers. If PPI in Ireland was sold to people who asked for it, who wanted it and would benefit from it we would not have such a scandal on our hands. Banks and lenders when selling PPI in Ireland became focused on the commissions it was generating and not on the suitably of the product. As a result of this hundreds of thousands of Mis Sold PPI policies have been sold across Ireland. A similar scandal hit the shores of the UK in the last number of years and in 2008 a number of high street banks and lenders were fined by the FSA for the way in which they mis sold ppi to their customers. After a brief fight against these fines the UK lenders admitted liability and have since gone on to refund as much as £12 billion in compensation to those who were affected. The PPI Ireland industry is not expected to be as large as the UK industry due to difference in population however the ppi refunds issued by banks and lenders for PPI Ireland claims is likely to run into the hundreds of millions of Euros .


I was sold PPI in Ireland. Do I have a claim?

If you were sold PPI in Ireland that you did not need, want or would benefit from then the answer is yes! It is estimated that as many as 350,000 ppi policies have been mis sold in Ireland since 2007 and consumers affected by this scandal are processing claims right now to get the compensation they deserve.  To find out if you are a victim of the PPI Ireland scandal please review the statements below:-

  • Did your lender tell you that PPI in Ireland was compulsory?
  • Did your lender sell you PPI in Ireland whilst you were self employed?
  • Did your lender pressurise you to take PPI in Ireland?
  • Were you unemployed when sold PPI in Ireland?
  • Did your lender fail to advise you on the terms, conditions and exclusions of the PPi policy?
  • Were you a student when sold PPI?
  • Were you working part time or on contract when sold PPI in Ireland?

If you have answered yes to any fo the above you may be a victim of the PPI Ireland scandal and you could be entitled to thousands of Euros in compensation. Contact us now for a free no obligation review.


Our PPI Ireland Claims Service

We were the first company in Ireland to offer a no win no fee service for PPI Claims and since our launch in 2010 we have reclaimed thousands in compensation for our clients and we have done so using a no win no fee service with no upfront costs or charges. You only ever have to pay us if we are successful in reclaiming your PPI Ireland premiums. For a full breakdown of our service features please see below.

PPI Ireland Claims Service

  • Free No Obligation Review
  • No Upfront Costs or Charges
  • No Win No Fee Process
  • Average Refund €3500
  • No Cost for Unsuccessful Claims
  • Personal Claims Handler
  • Online Claims Tracker Access (24/7)
  • Dedicated Call Centre & Processing Teams

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