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1. Contact Us

Our PPI Claims Management Company has been set up to provide an fast, professional and easy to understand process. In order for us to provide an initial review your enquiry we will need for you to contact us. You have 3 options when looking to contact us.

i. You can request a call back back by filling your details into our call back form. Once you have sent this one our of our trained claims handlers will call you back free of charge and provide you with any information you require.

ii. You can complete our Quick Claims Test form so that we can quickly identify the main areas of PPI Mis-selling that your case related to. Once you have submitted your details one of our claims handlers will review your information and contact you directly on the number you have specified.

iii. You can contact us on Lo-Call 0818 301 302. When you contact us you will be immediately transferred to an available representative in our call centre who can answer any queries or questions you may have. Our 0818 number is a lo-call number regardless of where you are calling from in Ireland.

2. Initial Review

Once you have contacted us your process to obtain a PPI Refund has begun. One of our specialist claims handlers will speak with you and provide you with a free no obligation review. During this initial review they will be able to identity any and all mistakes made by your bank or lender when selling Payment Protection Insurance to you by asking you a serious of questions. Our Claims Handler will have specialist knowledge of dealing with Payment Protection Insurance claims and will know how to professionally identify ways in which you may be entitled to ppi compensation. This initial review will allow us to better understand your case and will also give you a full and detailed understanding of our claims process. Once this initial review is complete and we have identified Mis Sold PPI we are ready for phase 3.

3. Sign Up

If we have advised you of a possible ppi claim and you wish to proceed we will send you our claims pack to sign, date and return to our office. This claims pack will be 90% completed by one of our claims handlers during the sign up process so all you have to do is input some missing details, sign, date and return  the pack using the pre paid envelope that we will also send.  We understand that form filling can be tedious and that is why our sign up process is designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible so that you can start your PPI Claims with our office in a matter of seconds.

4. Case Preparation

Once we receive your completed claims pack back in our office your work is done. At this stage we will take full control of your claim and deal with all lender communications on your behalf. You will be contacted by a personal claims handler who will introduce themselves and advise you of the next steps which are as followed. This is your point on contact from this point onwards and they will deal with you on a one to one basis. We will first contact your lender, request a copy of your credit agreement (if this has not been sent to us) and advise the said lender that we have taken on your claim. Once your lender returns your credit agreement to our office we can then begin our detailed investigation. During this investigation we will prepare a claim against your lender and identify all areas of mis-selling which we uncover. This will include complex references to the rules and regulations of the Consumer Protection Code which your lender may have failed to follow. Once this is complete we will calculate the total amount of PPI that you have paid your lender along with the relevant interest charges which are due back to you. This is an extremely important stage of your claim. In most cases the interest will amount to more than the actual ppi premiums paid and once this is added onto your claim it can add significant value to the ppi refund you receive.

5. Letter of Claim

Once we have prepared a detailed case of mis-selling against your lender we furnish this to them along with a letter of claim requesting a full refund of all ppi premiums and interest charges. Once your lender receives this letter of claim they appoint an internal claims handler to try and fight your case. It is during this stage of the process that our expertise really shines. We are a specialist claims management company with vast experience in dealing with PPI claims and lender communications so we know how to fight any rejections which we may receive. This a crucial stage of your claim as your lender may not want to refund your ppi premiums. We will use our industry expertise  to respond to any rejection letters to ensure your claim has the best possible chance of success.

5. Settlement Offer/Rejection

Once the claims communication process has completed your case will go one of two ways:-

  1. A satisfactory reply is received from your lender acknowledging the ppi  mis-selling and a compensation proposal is made.  We will negotiate with your lender on your behalf until you are satisfied with the proposal received. You can rest assured however as we will always look for a maximum settlement for our clients which includes interest calculations. Once you are happy we will then request the release of this settlement and issue this to you and close off your claim.
  2. Acknowledgement of any ppi mis-selling is denied by your lender and they refuse to offer compensation. It is at this stage that we will take your claim to the Financial Ombudsman and request that he enforce our findings of mis sold ppi. If your claim has to be taken down this route our claims handlers will take care of all paperwork as part of our service.

6. Financial Ombudsman

In the event that your lender does not respond positively to the request for compensation our next step will be to take your case to the Office of the Financial Ombudsman. We will complete all required paper work for this process on your behalf and include all claims documentation that we have prepared and request that the Ombudsman enforce our findings. At this stage the Ombudsman will review the complaint and all documentation received from your lender. The Ombudsman acts as an impartial mediator in situations like this and will make a ruling based on the information submitted.

7. Case Settled/Case Closed


Once the Financial Ombudsman has received and reviewed all documentation submitted by our office and your lender they will make a ruling on your case. They will either enforce our findings and request that your lender refund the appropriate mis sold ppi premiums and interest or they will rule in favour of your lender. It is impossible to predict an outcome at this stage but with the Central Bank investigation expected to prove that banks and lenders were mis selling ppi it should make their decision easier. When you process PPI refund with our office we will always endeavour to ensure that a settlement offer is received in advance of having to take your claim to the Ombudsman. This however remains a viable option where lenders are refusing to accept liability.

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